Get parent and all brothers of a given resource

Say I have “albums” resource that has a relationship “photos” (a collection of “photos” resource).
A single “photos” resource has a relationship in the other direction “album”, that points to its parent “albums” resource.

Now, what I’m trying to achieve is the next use case: given a photo id, I need to get its complete album, ie, the album with its attributes as main resourcen and all its photos included.

I’d like to know if this is a good approach or I’m missing something:

GET /photos/{id}/album?include=photos


I’m using it same way as you described. So I think it’s ok doing it. Other way is to have advanced filter which can filter by album id.

Thanks for the answer.
Yes, I was thinking about the possibility of a “collection contains” filter.
Some like this:

GET /album?filter[photos][contains]={photoId}&include=photos

But this seems a little messy to me, so I wanted to ask here to know which is the preferred strategy for this case.
For the moment I’ll use the first option.