New open source PHP library for JSON API

I’m a medium time lurker on the forum and noticed recent threads asking about JSON API use. I’m a contractor and I’ve worked at a number of companies using JSON API recently… I’ve also implemented it quite a few times.

Because I’ve been implementing it frequently I created an open source JSON API generator that is designed to create valid JSON api quickly. I’ve been developing it using it for over a year, with at least 6 months production use.

As it’s open source, I thought it’d be useful to share with you all:

I’ve tried to make the documentation clear:

It also has a tutorial and various examples.

Like I mentioned… it’s well tested (100% unit tests, 6 months in production)… But this is also an attempt to get some feedback! If anyone wants to use/test it, it’d be cool!
If you like it… obviously it’s open source, so crack on!