Can Relationship `Links` object hold more than `self` and `related` attributes and do both hold the same URL?


After reading the spec it was still a bit unclear for me and it has an additional note:

Note: Additional members may be specified for links objects and link objects in the future.

So I’m assuming that self and related attributes are the only 2 attributes allowed inside Relationship Links. This Question also confirms it.

Then I have still further questions:

Q1: Presence of self and related are XOR? Either one of them can appear in Links but not at the same time, right?

Q2: Are the URL values for both attributes the same for a relationship Link object? Or where is the difference between those?


Wrong. Both can appear in the same Links object.


If resource2 appears in a relationship on resource1, then the related URL refers to resource2, and the self URL refers to the relationship between the two resources (i.e. to the associative entity)


ah ok. thx for clarifying!