Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json - Safari Issue

It appears this is not compatible with Safari. Using Node.js v5.1 and express 3.13.1 and setting the content type as follows…


will cause the following error

Failed to load resource: Frame load interrupted

Seems to work fine in Chrome (only other browser I tested) and doesn’t throw the error if i use application/json which tells me the contentType function of express is not the issue but rather Safari is not happy with that content type.

Anyone else experience this?

Can you post a link to the page that’s producing the error? This seems pretty strange to me…

I was doing testing on my local computer. I will get a repo up on github with the code I was using so you can reproduce it if you want.

Im starting to think its an invalid scenario, but the fact that Safari doesn’t seem to like the header was a concern.

Thanks @embersdev! Any update on this?

Stumbled on this post while researching this exact same issue. I did not really find any helpful pages so wanted to post what we found while resolving this.

We added “application/json” to our Accept headers list and this resolved the issue…


Had the same issue… all my browsers did not accept application/vnd.api+json in my api response headers… I had to go with application/json instead as well.