Creating an API guideline, jsonapi vs



I would like to formalize and align some of our API:s according to specific guidelines.
When creating my Guidelines, is there a difference if I use as my reference compared to as a reference ? or is coming from ?

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Are they compliant with our spec or not?

As it says at the start of the spec:

JSON API documents are defined in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

That is, JSON API is a superset of JSON.


Thank you for your reply Steve.

  1. To answer your first question, I guess I would like to be compliant to RFC7159 and use to get to that point. So I think I would like my API:s to be compliant with your spec, that depends on - if I have understood everything correctly.

Reading your from

This section describes the structure of a JSON API document, which is identified by the media type application/vnd.api+json. JSON API documents are defined in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) [RFC7159].

  1. When you say that JSON API is a superset of JSON, then you mean [ disclaimer : not a native English speaker ] that you fulfill the RFC7159 and have one or more extention ?
    I see your statement

Unless otherwise noted, objects defined by this specification MUST NOT contain any additional members. Client and server implementations MUST ignore members not recognized by this specification.
so I guess there are no additional members/elements ?

  1. is there some kind of relationship between the sites and ?
    Is the purpose of to help us understand RFC7159

I hope my questions are not to basic, the answers will help me argue for JSON-standard at my workplace.

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Yes! All valid JSON API documents are also valid JSON documents.

The relationship is that this spec builds on top of that one, but there’s no further relationship.


Thank you Steve!

Reading through , , I see that it says ‘This specification reached a stable version 1.0 on May 29, 2015.’ and that you are coming from the EmberJS side.
And by saying ‘this specification’ , could I say that the RFC7159 != jsonapi ?
So, my first attempt should be to align my API with RFC7159 to come up to a JSON-standard.
Then if I have clients, such as the Emberjs , then my step should be to comply with the ?

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Yes. “This specification” is JSON API, not RFC 7159.

Absolutely, every JSON tool uses it to parse, stuff won’t work without it.

While JSON API came from Ember, it’s not limited to it. has libraries for all kinds of languages.


Thanks Steve!

Getting a bit wiser now.

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Nitpicking: JSON API is actually a subset of JSON :smile:


… yes. thanks :slight_smile:


JSON API is actually a subset of JSON.
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