Empty value sparse fieldset

Hi I have a short question about sparse fieldsets.

The specification says:

Sparse Fieldsets

A client MAY request that an endpoint return only specific fields in the response on a per-type basis by including a fields[TYPE] parameter.

The value of the fields parameter MUST be a comma-separated (U+002C COMMA, โ€œ,โ€) list that refers to the name(s) of the fields to be returned. An empty value indicates that no fields should be returned.

What does empty value in this case mean? Double Quotes?




Is this even allowed?

For any help Iโ€™m very thankful!

It means the later; yes, this is allowed.


I created a pull request to clarify that one in the specification: clarify meaning of empty include query param by jelhan ยท Pull Request #1532 ยท json-api/json-api ยท GitHub

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