Extension for Chart / Graph data?

I haven’t been able to find any discussion or extensions around charting / graphing data – so I’m assuming there isn’t a useful specification on this format in place already.

Has anyone else found anything? Has this been discussed under some other name?


Hi @toobulkeh

What do you mean with “charting / graphing” data? Do you want do draw charts and graphs on your frontend, such as a pie chart and bar graph, or do you want to represent a graph data structure using jsonapi?

Yup, draw charts on the front end. I believe the core of my question is about the efficiency of an ORM type API – and if anyone had run into issues of performance for queries needed for visual charting.

We aggregate a lot of raw data on our backend and can process that into any format that’s consumable by a d3 or highcharts type library – I just couldn’t find any previous work with a JSONapi extension for this use case. We’ll be fine defining it ourselves, but was just looking to see if a shortcut existed.


Unfortunately I don’t know of any shortcuts that exist, but if you do define it yourself, please post what you came up with and why you made the decicions :slight_smile: it will definitely help the community!