Fetch Data from URL


Hello, I’m new to JSON and have just come across this as i need to send data to URL and then read the response sent back.

If i click on the URL from my site it loads in a browser and displays the correct response. I have tried many different methods from the net and i can’t seem to get one to work.

I need to be able to read the response on my website.

The details of the url can be seen below;

Example Test URL Request

https://test.httpapi.com/api/domains/available.json?auth-userid=0&api-key=key&domain-name=domain1&domain-name=domain2&tlds=com&tlds=net Response

the response back is:


This is what i need to be able to read on my webpage.

Thank you


Lee this isn’t a great question or a great place to ask this question. Make a Stackoverflow account and follow this advice in order to structure you question in a way that will be more helpful to the person that wants to help you:

Hope this helps. Don’t get discouraged, we were all new at some point.