Getting Filtered JSON Responses

Hello All,

Hopefully I can get some help with a small problem I’m having. This is my first real foray into json, so please excuse me if I’m a little dim. I tried searching for this answer, but didn’t find quite what I was looking for.

I’m trying to get json data from our project management site, but as some requests may have nearly half a million entries, I’d like to filter for what I’m actually looking for before trying to return a ton of data (the API also paginates after 500 records).

I thought something like this would do it, but it just returns EVERYTHING.

Body = "{""filter"":{""project-id"": 
active,""person-id"": 83557}}"

Theoretically, this would get all the time this person put into the specified projects, but it doesn’t filter it this way. In reality, I’d like to know how to reverse this and say “not equal” to these projects. And use other logical operators. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.