How to include -> JSON:API attribute for Response Error Object

Hello, I have defined a Common custom Error Response type for my WebAPI response.

Although it has “errors” at TOP level in json response object. But still “Json:API Object” with Version is not showing up in side the response object.- in SWAGGER UI.

Can anyone share details on this, how I can have it in my response object.

This is What my current response object look in Swagger UI =>
“errors”: [
“code”: “string”,
“detail”: “string”,
“id”: “string”,
“source”: {
“header”: “string”,
“parameter”: “string”,
“pointer”: “string”
“status”: 0,
“title”: “string”

This is Response Object I NEED to show in Swagger UI =>

“jsonapi”: {
“Meta”: {},
“Version”: “1.0”
“Errors”: [
“Id”: “19f1bbdbd82645f791324f7225852f15”,
“Source”: null,
“Code”: “”,
“Detail”: “”,
“Links”: {},
“Meta”: {},
“Status”: 400,
“Title”: “Bad Request”
“Links”: null,
“Meta”: null

Any lead on this would be appreciated.