How to represent possible related objects



I have a resource named shift like in a work shift,
This resource has of course a 1 to many relationship with people as in people assigned to that shift

I need to represent now possible people, as in the collection of people that are not assigned to the shift but they can be,
What will be a reasonable URI for this, /shift/<shift_id>/possible_people ?


That sounds like what I’m doing. I have a relationship that can be updated, and a set of allowed “values” (resources) for that relationship, so I just have a separate relationship with all the allowed values of the main relationship, so the client knows which resources it can use for the main relationship.


What about:

Basically query the people and filter ones who aren’t in the shift?


Thought about it also, the problem is the members don’t necessarily have a relation with a shift and they surely have no relation with a shift that they is possible to to work on.

After some more thought I will go with /shifts/<shift_id>/possible_members

Thanks for the reply.