JSON API Weekly Meeting - July 24th, 2015


Determine how we want to handle alpha/beta/release versioning for the website

  • Website will always show current stable version by default.
  • Version number on header will become a dropdown showing all stable versions as well as the current alpha/beta. The dropdown will allow for toggling between versions.

Determine what’s needed to get the discussion around embedding and side-posting started

  • Source issue: #795
  • @dgeb will kick off the discussion in the aforementioned issue with the list of requirements we’ve drawn up.

Add optional support for top level version key in resource objects to indicate versioning.

  • Source issue: #600
  • @dgeb and @tkellen are +1 to adding this.
  • Unless @ethanresnick or @steveklabnik object, we will add normative support for this in 1.1 alpha.
  • We can’t add this “officially” until the website supports versioning.


I really need to set my alarm to wake up early enough :frowning:

What specifically would this version key be indicating? EDIT: I guess I can read the linked issue, whoops


I’d be glad to move this to a later time if it would work better for folks. The current time is especially unfriendly to west coasters.


Same! What time works for you @steveklabnik?


One problem is that I travel a lot too, so every once in a while, I just can’t because I’m on a plane or something.

Something more like 10 or 11am EST would be much better, if we’re still shooting for morning.