JSON With SAME Name in Header and Child


i have sample example{“DocumentId”:“75E055B9-513A-41EA-BD58-B5C78DEB5AC1”,“CodingLines”:{“CodingLines”:{“ID”:{“value”:“5DD7EBFF-79A5-46AD-B7CE-421682E3AAD9”},“OrderLineReference”:[{“LineID”:{“value”:“00001”}}],“CurrentDocumentLineReferenceId”:“00001”,“Amount”:{“value”:"43.87 ",“currencyID”:“USD”},“Quantity”:{“value”:"220.460 ",“unitCode”:“LBR”},“Codes”:[{“ID”:{“value”:“purchasinggroup”},“Name”:{“value”:“CM-G. Conant”},“Value”:{“value”:572}}]}}}

I want [ in child element of CodingLines and parent ChildLines to have { that only.How can I specify Index of Child CodingLines if i want to Achive [ for that only not to the Header CodingLines?

I want to specify in SAP Adapter to keep Array for which CodingLines element and dont know how to ?