Necessity of id field in json api response for logging/audit related records


I am working on developing an API to return the audit related changes data from DB which have auto increment audit record key in DB.

Now I am not sure whether we have to return the id field in response or not because that id is no of use to user because there is no operation like delete, update on audit db as this is only read only.

As JSON API stat that every resource must include type and id field but in this scenario I am not sure about the id field.

Can anyone help me regarding this to clarify my doubt?

Sample Json Response -

“data”: [
“type”: “audit”,
“id”: “1”,
“attributes”: {
“message” : “You have changes the value from x to y”,

You must include the id field.

The client might not be able to modify or delete an audit, but it might want to read it again later, no?

Anyway, the spec is clear on that.