PATCH with required attributes

The specification says

“Any or all of a resource’s attributes MAY be included in the resource object included in a PATCH request.”

Is it allowed to require certain attributes to be always present in a PATCH call (at a certain endpoint)? In the extreme, this could be used to model a replace-update, when all attributes are required. Other use cases might have dependencies between attributes such as “if a is provided with a certain value, b must be present too”.

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Requiring an attribute to be present in a resource object used used in a patch operation violates the specification:

If a request does not include all of the attributes for a resource, the server MUST interpret the missing attributes as if they were included with their current values.

However validating that an attribute would be present in a resource after applying the changes is okay.

What is your use case? What are you trying to achieve by enforcing replacement of some (or all) attributes? In general JSON:API specification is more focused on the result of an update rather than the applied change itself.

So the spec clearly says a server MUST not expect any attribute to be present. This paragraph of the spec somehow didn’t make it to my attention.

I know of two types of use cases:

  • a) Sometimes implementations can do replace updates directly, while partial updates require to fetch data from a database or upstream service. So to forbid partial updates can help performance.
  • b) Sometimes a set of attributes have dependencies on each other. E.g., one attribute’s value defines which other values another attribute can have. In that case, clients must always provide the attributes together.

What I don’t understand is why the specification is limiting the use cases here?