Public JSON Schema link for JSON:API returns wrong media type

The website (GitHub hosted) doesn’t have content type returned on the HTTP GET request to: As a result, tools like won’t process it as a valid schema document.

My workaround is that I had to point it to and then it works (but obviously this isn’t ideal).

Can this be fixed by the person maintaining the GH page?

This has been reported as a GitHub issue already in 2016: returns the wrong content-type · Issue #975 · json-api/json-api · GitHub

So far two ways forward have been discussed:

  1. Rename the schema to have a .json extension
  2. Migrate from GitHub Pages to a hosting solution, which allows setting content type header explicitly

There is ongoing work to fix several issues with the existing JSON Schema. It includes renaming the files to have a .json extension, which would fix this issue. Please find more details in this PR: Update JSON Schema to be v1.0 compliant by VGirol · Pull Request #1600 · json-api/json-api · GitHub