Resource type profile


What do you think about an idea for adding ‘profile’ link to links section as an optional link to the resource description ?

“links”: {
“self”: “”,
“next”: “[offset]=2”,
“last”: “[offset]=10”,
“profile”: “”,
“data”: [{
“type”: “articles”,

Profile resource for particular resource type could have json:api structure which could be determinate. Profile resource description should have resource meta files, like all fields with verification rules and other relation links.

Why should we need it ? For example:

  • For getting list of all fields to use it to dynamically creating models
  • for getting full list of available “actions” (which I described in other post) for resource
  • for getting validation rules…


Yup, we’ll almost certainly add something like this soon, or create a mechanism for users to add any RFC 5988–compliant link. The talk about extending the capabilities of links is occuring here and in the various issues that links to.


Thanks for your answer, glad that my considerations were in the right direction. Sorry I didn’t read all git stuff first.


do you have examples on how the reply of GET should look like?

many thanks