Returning Multiple Types in same response

We have use case where we need to return multiple types in one response (for example below). Is this allowed? Can we return multiple types in one response?

data: [{
type: “company”,
id: “123”,
attributes: {
name: “foo”,
image: “foo.jpg”,
sex: “male”
}, {
type: “person”,
id: “1232”,
attributes: {
title: “freebie”,
image: “freebie.jpg”,
offer: “Free manicure”,
promo-code: “free-mani-2015”,

Yes, there is no limitations about this case in the spec.

But do you really need it?

Thanks. Yes, we have use case where customer can search multiple types of resources in one API. Those resources have very few fields in common and most of the fields are different.