Should you return all resources by default (when no filter specified)

Hi there,

Let’s say I use a soft delete strategy with a status which could be published or trashed.

By default (without specifying a filter) I would like to return all posts which are published.
Is that allowed or should I call /posts?filter[status]=published ?

I would prefer to just get /posts, and have only the published ones, and then get /posts?filter[status]=trashed to get only the trashed ones, or get /posts?filter[status]=all to get everything.

I cannot find an answer to this in the spec.
What do you think?


I would be wary of doing things which are not immediately intuitive to the API consumer. You are under no responsibility to display any resources you don’t want to, but I would make sure you properly convey this behavior to consumers otherwise you will have a lot of confused and annoyed developers on your hands.

Unless you have a solid, very apparent, means to show this (like vocabulary driven hypermedia) and all clients are using a discovery mechanism, I would suggest instead returning some links to the “root” of each filtered set with the filter strategy.

Hi Michael, thanx for getting back to me.

The reason behind this is that 99% of the time, the API should return only resources that are published.
So I believe that /posts by default should return the same thing as /posts?filter[status]=published

I don’t want 99% of the calls to the API to include a filter that could be considered default and thus avoided.

For the 1%, the call could be ?filter[status]=trashed or ?filter[status]=all

I don’t see any problems in doing so but you are right, I have to convey the information to the developers.

But I’m curious, what do you mean by returning some links to the “root” of each filtered set with the filter strategy.

Wow, apologies for dropping the ball on this response. I’m not sure if this will help so long after you’re question but I’ll do it anyway just in case.

GET /posts
200 OK