Solr Json APi aggregation specifiy min and max values


Is it possible to get average of amount between two values(min and max specified) in solr JSON Facet API results?

Ex: here is the query i need to apply in Solr

SELECT STATE, AVG(AMOUNT) from Table group by STATE having AVG(AMOUNT) > 3000 AND AVG(AMOUNT) < 5000

currently i am getting avg amounts using following query in Solr. I would like to add min and max limits to get only average values between min and max values.

{ “e_name”: { “type”: “terms”, “field”: “STATE”, “mincount”: 1, “offset”: 0, “limit”: 10, “sort”: { “AMOUNT”: “desc” }, “facet”: { “AMOUNT”: “avg(AMOUNT)” } } }


This forum is for discussing the JSONAPI specification, not general JSON or API issues. Please follow up in a Solr-specific forum.

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