Specification Section Numbers

Upvoting @arknave’s suggestion. Doesn’t look like it has been revisited in a number of years. With v1.1 in development, is opportunity calling? :phone:

WTH, I forked the spec. I’ll take a stab at it and open a PR. :thinking: Any open PRs? No, but quite a few stale ones. Really stale ones.

Some PRs do get landed, so don’t lose hope!


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Done. :crossed_fingers:

For your convenience… an example of what this looks like.

PR 1580 was merged this morning by @dgeb! Thanks Dan for the feedback and consideration. I didn’t see the CSS3 counters leaking while running the local bundle. I was just looking at the spec pages and didn’t see “the forest for the trees.” Hopefully, the community benefits from the new numbering scheme. I know my own use and internal discussions will!

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Thanks for all your work on this @timothy.stone!

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