What companies or organizations use the JSON API envelope in a public-facing API?


After reading the specification, I am interested in proposing JSON API for use by my company for defining REST APIs.

However, I have not been able to find any public-facing API that used JSON API’s specified envelope (Google has not been very helpful to me…).

Is there, anywhere, a list of companies or implementations that use JSON API’s format in a public API? If not, do you know of any?

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There’s another thread that’s old at this point: Are there any production or toy APIs using jsonapi?

From the Ember Community Survey, a large number of people who use ember are using JSON API in production, so it’s much more than that thread. We haven’t done a good job of collecting them up on a page, though. We should.

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I have an API that follows the spec more or less, with minor differences detailed in the docs such as nested resource creation (discussed more in #1089). I’d also be interested in seeing a list of other APIs, especially to see how they’re writing their language bindings.