What goes in the meta attribute?

I have data similar to the following:

  "data": {
    "type": "offer",
    "id": "1",
    "attributes": {
      "title": "50% off!",
    "meta": {
      "eligible": true,
      "amountLeftForToday":  20 
    "links": {
      "self": "http://example.com/offers/1"

I am unsure as to where to put the “eligible” and “numberOfOrdersLeftToday” attributes.

  • “eligible” depends on the authenticated user who request it, and if they qualify for the offer.
  • “amountLeftForToday” depends on the time the resource is requested, and can change quite often throughout the day as more people take the offer.

The API defines attributes as:

attributes: an attributes object representing some of the resource’s data.

and meta as:

meta: a meta object containing non-standard meta-information about a resource that can not be represented as an attribute or relationship.

I am unsure which ones these two attributes fall under.

Note that I also want to filter on these attributes.

For eligible, it could be in meta , as it can be considered as not the resource’s data, but instead the user’s relationship to the data. But then again it can still be regarded as " some of the resource’s data".

For amountLeftForToday , I think it should be in attributes, as it’s part of the resources data (even if it changes regularly).

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As for me amountLeftForToday looks like attribute of the offer.
And about eligible - is it check if user could use this offer? If yes, maybe it’s better not to show this resource to this user at all?

Customers are still able to see the offer. It just says if they are currently eligible for it or not. In which case. where do you think eligible should go?