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Hello People,

I’m writing to see if anyone has knowledge of an Android library that makes parsing a json:api response easier. I assume if one did exist it would show up in the implementations section, but I’m hoping someone has done some work and is just waiting to share :D. Also, there is this github ticket that suggests opening a conversation here.

+1 for this. It would be very good to have this exist - nobody has attempted this yet?

There is a nice iOS implementation, so I would hope even a simple approach for handling this in Java would be possible.

I wrote a library to deserialize to your own resources with matcher for relationships/includes.
Morpheus on Github

Maybe helpful. If appreciate every help!

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Hello everyone,
I wrote another lib to use the specifications with retrofit on android.
If anyone wants to use here is the Github Link (The jCenter links is not active yet. I belive it will be OK for 31/03/2016).
I tried to use morpheus and json-converter but anyone solved my problems.
I made this and its solving my problem but i need to do a loot of refactor on code.