"Best" json:api client implementations?

I’m starting work on a Java implementation for Android. I’ve been looking through the implementation page looking for something to model my own library after. Does the community have libraries that they particularly like and would suggest using a reference?

Have you looked at http://jsonapi.org/implementations/#client-libraries ?

Regarding the best implementation: when I ask this question I’m always told to implement in what you’re good at… :smile:

@jvanderdoes I am interested in your work. Have you made progress and may I help?

I have made progress. I’m speaking with others on my team about open sourcing the work. It is definitely in alpha, but I would love help to improve and grow the library. I’ll ping you here if/when I get the green light to open source the code.

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Would be awesome! :slight_smile: Thx. I’d be glad to chip in some resources…

Same here - happy to help if possible! We would be users of a basic json:api library, and depending on what needs built, could be contributors, too, if that makes sense. Our needs are fairly basic, though, so we may not need much more than some simple features.

@see Android support

Wrote a library called Morpheus.