PHP server-side implementation for you


Hello, I’ve just made an implementation library for JSON-API (server-side). It focuses on making the implementation easiest for PHP programmers. I hope that people will love it and support it. I’ll be following this project so anyone using it can watch the project on github, posting issues…etc… I’ll be listening.

Ok so here is the project’s links:


Have you thought about picking a more serious name? Imagine you look at what Open Source projects Google uses for its Gmail App and you see that they use the JSONApi Implementation from someone named “hackerboy”. Would that increase your trust in the product? Even though a “hacker” is the good guy according to the, it is a prejudiced term in common sense.


Thank you so much for your advice, I’ll consider that. My idea is about to build a small team under that name, making serious values for community. I own the domain and I’m starting a website on it.
I’ve just started this idea recently and I think I’ll try my best to gain the community trust.

Btw, have you tried my lib yet? I’ve just released v1.2 after testing it carefully with my 2 projects. If there’s any bug, I’ll be here listening and update it quickly