Are there any production or toy APIs using jsonapi?

The Implementations page gives clients and servers, but I’m curious if there are any APIs in the wild that I can look at as examples.

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I used to work at a startup that did over $1MM/day in credit card transactions, but they just recently shut their doors. :frowning:

I will be putting a project of my own into production over the next few weeks, but that’s not up yet. Backend code is here: is hoping to have their implementation in production sometime soon, they’re not 100% compliant.

I don’t have tons of more URLs handy, unfortunately. Gotta start a file…

Thanks for the links. I’ll keep an eye on those.

If I find any I’ll drop them in here is a functioning example you can run.

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Nice, thanks very much @tkellen Works great

Flapjack appears to be using jsonapi

We are ( starting to use json-api at some endpoints. But we’re not 100% compliant, and please don’t ask why :slight_smile: (actually, we have two legacy APIs and one new, and now json-api as a layer over that new, so we have to juggle them all and not to break the whole system). But we’re honestly trying to follow all the aspects of the spec.

Currently we have no pulic documentation since it’s still wip, but if you’re interested in, PM me and I’ll show you one point that you can play with.

The first time I know jsonapi is on this website.

Thanks, I’ll have a look