Introducing Elide: A Simple, Flexible Backend Implementation for JSON-API


Yahoo recently released Elide; our Java implementation of a backend web service framework that supports JSON-API. It uses JPA and considers security as a first-class citizen to building modern web service layers. We have written an introductory blog post with some more detail (we will be writing more in-depth tutorials soon) and are currently using this system in production. As a result, we are actively maintaining the project and adding new features.

We would love some feedback from the community!


Wonderful! Tweeting and posting and such now :slight_smile:


Great! If you have any comments or feedback (especially pain-points), please let us know; we’re very interested in hearing from everyone involved in the JSON-API community!


This is awesome!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing @dmcwherter, this is awesome!


Glad to hear it’s being well-received so far! :smile: Keep us updated on your experiences as we continue to improve!