Bulk extension: how much is expected to change prior to v1.1?


We are (Open Science Framework) trying to comply with json-api, and currently implementing bulk operations. If the extension is going to change a great deal, we may put bulk functionality on hold until the extension is finalized.

I have two questions:

  1. Is the body of the request for creating, updating, and deleting multiple resources going to change?
  2. I see the targeted release date for v1.1 is September 30 and it includes extension support. Does this mean that around that date, the bulk extension will no longer be a work-in-progress?




First of all, your site/product looks incredible. I have a couple researcher friends who might really benefit from it, so I’m definitely going to shoot it there way!

Second, I’m really glad you’re trying to comply with JSON API. We’ve already seen some good client implementations come out, so hopefully complying with the spec will save your API users some time that would’ve gone into writing boilerplate code, and simplify your design process as API authors.

Now, about the bulk extension: I’d wait if you can. The body of the request isn’t that likely to change in any major way (maybe a 20% chance), but the extension negotiation mechanism is very likely to change. Before 1.0, we identified some major design limitations with the current negotiation mechanism and started talks on an overhaul, which will likely form the basis of the system in 1.1.

Now, you can of course implement the code for handling/generating the request body separately from the code for negotiating whether that extension is in use. But, given the 20% chance mentioned above, it may make sense to wait on that too.

Re the 1.1 release: that’s just targeting the system for defining and negotiating extensions, so it probably won’t standardize the bulk extension itself. But it would give you enough at that point to write your own extension in a spec-compliant way to get the functionality you need.


I am about to start implementing the bulk extension for the JSON API Drupal module (https://www.drupal.org/project/jsonapi). I was wondering the same thing.

I understand that the negotiation is still under flux, but I wanted to see if there is more clarity about that 20% chance.



Over a year later now, what is the status of the bulk update feature?

With extensions officially deprecated, the lack of an official way to do bulk updates is a major major blocker to JSON API (from our perspective at least).

  • Where is the most current document that describes bulk updates for the new version?


Now over two years later, what is the status of bulk updates? It there a recommended approach?