V1.0 extensions

Great standard. We have implemented v1.0

We’ve hit limitations in terms of extensions in its current state.
The extensions page in the main documentation advises its for 1.1 and is subject to change before release. There are no extensions approved for the new system, yet.

from the documentation:

JSON:API previously offered experimental support for a different extension negotiation system than the one now in the specification, and it provided a number of extensions for use with that old negotiation system. However, this system was always experimental and has now been deprecated.

New APIs should not use the old system or any extensions designed for it. APIs that already use these old extensions should direct clients to an earlier version of this page as documentation.

As a way to enable us to perform bulk operations, if we use the extension from the earlier version, are we within spec for v1.0 given it was experimental, and removed from the main pages once deprecated in v1.1 ?

Could/should the old extension system be made official and final for v1.0? (“However, this system was always experimental and has now been deprecated”)

Question for other users. How are you tackling this atm?