Deserializing a json array of arrays to C# class

I have a dynamic array of arrays in json and that needs to be deserialized to C# class. The below is an example of the JSON data that needs to be deserialized. The “Datatype” should be used to define the datatype of the member in the c# class

“model”: “DeviceModel.DeviceInstance”,
“name”: “My-Device”,
“variables”: {
“Variable1”: {
“SubVariable1”: {
“DataType”: “Double”,
“Unit”: “V”,
“High”: “3.5”,
“Low”: “3.2”,
“Nominal”: “3.3”
“SubVariable2”: {
“DataType”: “Double”,
“Unit”: “A”,
“High”: “10”
“Variable2”: {
“DataType”: “Int”,
“Unit”: “bytes”,
“Max”: “100000”,
“Low”: “10000”,
“LowLow”: “500”
“properties”: {
“ConstantProperty”: {
“PropertyName”: {
“DataType”: “String”,
“Value”: “12-34561”

This is a forum discussing the jsonapi format, I think you should go to stackoverflow to ask this.