How to get the data value in this Json object

I’m working with Flutterwave API and i just don’t know what type of Json is this, because this is my first time working with Json and i want to get the value of “data” to Json map or Object


{"data":{"response_code":"02","response_message":"Transaction in progress","flw_ref":"MockFLWRef-1676466720721","order_ref":"URF_1676466720564_5499435","account_number":"0067100155","account_status":"active","frequency":1.0,"bank_name":"Mock Bank","created_at":1.676466720721E12,"expiry_date":1.676466720721E12,"note":"Mock note","amount":"NaN"},"message":"Virtual account created","status":"success"}

I want to get “data” value from the Json object to Json object