JSON API help with firewall

Hi group. I need some help. I have a JSON API plugin on my wordpress site that links to may app. It allows me to upload video on my wordpress site and specify what page the video link shoudl appear on my app and when someone hits the link on the respective ap page, JSON app helper calls the video from my website server. My problem is the developer who put the JSON API plugin on wordpress is is no longer working on it and it has since been unsupported by wordpress due to a security issue. The removal from wordpress happened in 2019 but it still works great for me. My problem is that recently my website security seems to have upgraded the fire wall and now sai firewall is blocking the linke between the app and the website. My original app developer is no longer available. My site security is happy to whitelist the app on the firewall but I have no idea what the url or ip comming from the app to call video from the website is. Can anyone help me solve this probably simpel problem. Thanks in advance. Tom