Making multiple requests


I would like to know if there is a concrete implementation or proposition about multiple requests ?

Facebook does this:

I found many links but nothing concrete: (sorry I can’t put more two links because I’m new…)

What happens when there are correct answers and errors?


At this point, as discussed in those threads it is a matter of implementation detail on whether or not the bulk request is transactional or not.

There is no consensus on how to extend the spec to include this functionality because there is yet no standard way to extend the spec, nor have there been standard constraints offered as a foundation for an extension.

Your question is the same question everyone who is looking at this as a requirement is asking, and the answer is subjectively dependent on your service’s needs.


making several reguest is some difficult i thonk if you want make and performence some of them make shor which one is good for you and decide to which do first and then you write them