Need help setting up twitter bot responses


Sorry if this isn’t the right site for this, it’s the only forum I could find at all relevant. I’m writing a twitter bot with JSON on cheapbotsdonequick, and I’m trying to set up responses. This is the current portion of code controlling the responses:


It sort of works, basically if the bot is tweeted with #BONBONS4BERTIE it will elicit one of many response options in the list #resp2#, and for anything else, " it will elicit one of many options in the list #resp#.

the problem is the tweet has to be exactly “#BONBONS4BERTIE”, case sensitive, no other text, not so much as a space, or it defaults to the other list. Anyone have a way to code it such that it response with a resp2 option with text including the hashtag, with no case sensitivity? Thanks!