OpenAPI definition of JSON:API

A draft OpenAPI definition of JSON:API is available at GitHub - shpoont/openapi-jsonapi-definition.

It is intended to provide a fully-documented, mockable OpenAPI example of JSON:API.

Since this is a draft, there is still work to be done. This includes proper schema definitions of new vs existing resources, x-faker support, request and response bodies, OpenAPI links, additional examples, etc.

Your feedback, PRs and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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This is great!

Would it be useful to include a Spectral ruleset to provide automatic validation of the draft against rules using GitHub Actions ?
Perhaps using the JSON:API ruleset here GitHub - ikenna/json-api-spectral-ruleset: Spectral ruleset for JSON:API .

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Sounds great! I couldn’t find support for JSON:API 1.1 though, hope it will be added soon.
I noted your suggestion in the repo, thanks.