Development of a validation tool



To check if a json is a valid one against the jsonapi specifications, we can use the json schema provided on the site but there are a lot of rules it can’t validate.
I have created a tool which let to perform a stronger validation (check the full-linkage condition for example). The UI is available here :

This UI is only a light client of a REST API which is doing all the validation work.
The architecture is the following : ReactJS UI + nodejs (hapi) API + nodejs (Should extension) lib to check the json validity.

That is a work-in-progress project, I would be pleased to have your opinion on this project.
I think it must be obvious I’m not a very good front-developer and I’m not an English native so any help is welcomed.

I don’t have yet open-sourced this project but if there are some interest I could do that with some work.
I hope that could help some people.

JsonApi Schema on FAQ is incorrect

This looks really great, @yves! Thanks so much for putting this out there. If you’re willing to open source it, I’m sure others would help refine it.



I have open-sourced the code of the validation library and the UI.
All the links :

The UI is only a proof-of-concept, it could be easily better for someone more skilled than me in this exercice.

The validation library can be completed with some few rules. A lot of the rules which are not checked can not be validated in the same way. I don’t know for the moment how to add them.

If you watch some bug or want to contribute, you’re welcome :slight_smile:


Nice! I’m excited to try it out.