Pulling API data from InfoPlus with Pagination Limits


This may be outside the purview of this sub, but I’m desperate for help so posting anyway.

I am trying to pull data from our inventory software called InfoPlus. In the past I have always exported excel documents from the program and then copy/pasted it into google sheets. However, this is becoming cumbersome so I am trying to use their API. There are API extensions for google sheets, and this seems to do the trick. However, I need to pull in large sets of data (2k+ rows) and InfoPlus data limits you to 250 results per search call.

What I think I need to do is schedule API pulls (say hourly) to collect new order data as it trickles in. However, I’m not sure how to notate in the JSON Query so the API request can detect what entries are new. This is what their documentation says…

Polling via the Infoplus API

Your system can periodically (say, once an hour) execute searches against the Infoplus API, for records with a createDate or modifyDate greater-than the last time you performed a sync. Then, any records found would need inserted or updated in the remote system.


You would need to be sure to fetch all pages of results

New records in Infoplus initially have a modifyDate equal to their createDate. Then future updates to the record will update modifyDate, leaving createDate the same.

The data returned from the Infoplus API is in JSON format - unless you use one of our pre-built client libraries, in which case you’ll have native objects in the programming environment your’e working in (e.g., C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP)

Data is only updated on the interval at which you’re polling for it (e.g., maybe behind by an hour).

I’m really new to API language so this is really tough for me to sort through. How do I notate the creation date? Any guidance would be really appreciated!