Question regarding @JsonIgnore

Hello, everyone,
I have a question regarding the JSON Ignore annotation. And I am aware that if I use @JsonIgnore, for example, the “getter” is not taken into account and therefore an attribute of a class is not transferred to the JSON representation.

In my concrete example I send data from “Transactions” to my WebApi. A block explorer accesses this and displays the whole thing graphically (this is a blockchain project).

In addition to some getters, two setters were marked with @JsonIgnore in my book. Now my question: Can someone explain to me in their own words what it means exactly if only the setter but not the getter is annotated with JSON Ignore?

The JSON:API specification does not include a JSON ignore annotation. It allows @-Members since v1.1. But this does not seem what the question is about. Could it be that you ended up in the wrong forum?