Welcome to the JSON API discussion forum


Welcome to the JSON API discussion forum.

We’re running on the open source, Ember.js-powered Discourse forum software. They are also providing the hosting for us. Thanks guys!

Please use this space for discussion about best practices, community, and the future of JSON API.

In general, moderators will archive threads that are bug reports or questions that can have objectively true answers.

Finally, please review the FAQ before contributing. We expect this to be a place for civilized discourse. Disagreement is fine; acting like an ass is not. We have very little tolerance for those who do not follow the guidelines we’ve set.

We are excited to have you, and are looking forward to all of the great discussion we’ll have here.


(P.S. If there’s a feature missing, or you run into a bug—remember, the Discourse source code is available on GitHub!)

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