Testing Tool or Application with GUI to receive and display incoming JSON data


We are in business of designing customer solution for Condition Monitoring of machines, motors, turbines etc.

Normal setup is very simple. Different types of sensors (e.g. Vibration, Temperature, Sound, humidity etc) are installed on machines, motors, turbines etc. These sensors collect their respective type of data and pass it to a DAQ (Data Acquisition Device). The DAQ receives this data, then converts this raw data in a format understood by the analysis application installed on the server in the server room, and pass it to the application via ethernet network.

We now have a potential client with a unique requirement. This client wants to develop a monitoring system which uses wireless sensors and gateways using LORAWAN technology. The gateway receives data from sensors wirelessly, then converts this data in JSON file format, and sends this JSON data to the application in the server room.

We have never worked with JSON data before. Therefore, I am looking for a GUI application which can receive this JSON data continuously and display it so that we can have some idea about the kind of data, its format, data size a JSON file usually have.

Any pointer will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,