Updating candlestick chart

I have a simple candlestick chart and i want to use it as a live chart price
I need the live price chart updated every few seconds .

To do this, I went to the documentation site where I downloaded this chart
I used their method but because I do not have enough information about Ajax and jQuery I got into trouble.
Click here to download the chart
the documentation : How to update ApexCharts from JSON API and AJAX -with jQuery/Axios

$.getJSON('file.json', function(response) {
    name: 'Sales',
    data: response

In this documentation, this code snippet is placed after the chart.render();
This code updates the series section
In the series section of my code is the json data

So in the series section, I separated the json code and put it in a separate file like file.json

But when I run the code, the chart does not load