What framework as backend do you recommend to use for serving JSON API?


Backend can be made in Rails, Django, Node, SailsJS, but what would you recommend to use as backend for SQL DB?

I understand this is a matter of taste and your experience… But I’d also like to take into account the fast way of making one…

Any suggestions?


Postgres is my favorite relational database.


PostgreSQL all the way. Even if you need a document store, use it.


Hi! I personally try to use Postgres as well.

But my question was not about which RDBMS to use, but what framework to use for backend.

I apologise for confusion. I’ve updated the title.


Ah! I like @tkellen’s http://endpointsjs.com/ and @dgeb’s Rails + https://github.com/cerebris/jsonapi-resources or https://github.com/rails-api/active_model_serializers

I’m a bit partial, or course. Check out http://jsonapi.org/implementations/ for the full list!


Thanks, I had already looked at the http://jsonapi.org/implementations/ and was wondering the easiest and fastest way.

@dgeb Any good tutorial on using jsonapi-resources ?



Here’s the post introducing jsonapi-resources: http://www.cerebris.com/blog/2014/08/22/introducing-jsonapi-resources/

And here’s a sample app (which I think is pretty up to date): https://github.com/cerebris/peeps

We also have a gitter channel if you have questions: https://gitter.im/cerebris/jsonapi-resources


@tkellen Hi! Is it ok to post questions regarding endpoints in this forum?

If yes, I will make a new post then…